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Tethers and Special Events

We have extensive experience with a variety of special events, including tethered balloon rides, school “show ‘n tell,” corporate team-building, marriage proposals, weddings, and festival entertainment.

Balloon tether events are a great way to entertain crowds, draw more attention to your event, or promote your business or special occasion. During a tether, the balloon is secured to the ground and is able to float 40-100 feet above the ground, giving passengers the sensation of flying.

What is required for a hot air balloon tether?

The balloon will require an area of a minimum of 200 feet by 200 feet which is clear of any obstructions, including power lines, light standards, poles or posts, fences, trees and shrubbery. (Digital photos of the location may be requested before commitment.) These obstructions impede safe operation of the tether.

The selected area must be dry.

The balloon will be secured to the ground using a series of high-tensile strength ropes to three fixed points, generally heavy vehicles.

As with free flights, the tether operation is always wind- and weather-dependent. Winds must be 6 mph or less for the tether operation. However, it is always the pilot’s discretion as to whether the balloon tether will operate.

The tether operation generally lasts for about two hours, but may be shorter or longer depending on weather conditions. Each tether rides usually lasts between three to five minutes.

Time of day considerations for tether events

Tether operations are most successful in the early morning hours, before 10 am and in the early evening hours – generally at the same times that the balloon would normally fly. The winds are usually lower during those times, and thermal heating is not as strong as during the late morning and afternoon hours. In the cooler seasons, these factors become less of an issue.

Tether events cost $1,500 per hour, with a minimum two-hour commitment. Special rates may apply for holidays and / or travel over 30 miles from our base location. A signed contract is required to reserve the date, with a 50% deposit due at the time of the reservation. A non-refundable retainer of $350 is included in the deposit. Travel in excess of 30 miles from our base location will be charged at the rate of $1.00 per mile, round trip.

The Sky’s The Limit Ballooning can tailor a package for your company or office as an exciting team building exercise. Use this unique atmosphere to encourage team-building and camaraderie. Under the direction of our commercial, FAA-certified pilot, co-workers will participate as teams to complete tasks and flight plans.

We will work with you to create a customized and truly memorable experience for your special event. Call today to bring excitement to your event!